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Greg on the issues

This page features Greg's positions on some of the issues in our community.

4th of July Celebration
One of the best events of the year is our famous Fun on the 4th Celebration. People of all ages come together to celebrate one of Wilmington's oldest traditions. Greg has supported the funding for the annual 4th of July Celebration each year as a member of the Board.

Affordable Housing
Greg believes there is a need for more affordable housing. Greg supports the Town's new proposed inclusionary bylaw that was developed by the Town's Planning Director by soliciting input from experts, local developers and residents. Greg voted to add several affordable units in the new Spruce Farm development off of Andover Street. 

Economic development
Greg has pushed for the creation of a town Economic Development Committee to help promote Wilmington as a great place to run a business. Working with the committee and our State delegation to attract new business and fill some of the vacant lots in town is a priority for Greg.

Greg has been a strong supporter for funding for our public school system each of the three years on the board. Greg was voted as the Board of Selectmen's representative on the Screening committee for the hiring of the new Superintendent of schools.  As a teacher, Greg knows how important education funding is to a successful school system like wilmington's. Greg was a strong support of the new Wilmington High School. 

Capital Improvements
The recent Facility's Master Plan shows that some of our aging buildings in town need major improvements. Greg's top three capital improvement priorities include the building of a new North Wilmington Safety Sub Station, a new Wildwood Elementary School and a new Senior Center. 

Greg has supported planned improvements to the Butters Row Bridge, the intersection of Lowell Street & Woburn Street and planned improvements to Route 38 at the Wilmington Train Station down to Woburn line. Each project is expected to be funded by State and Federal money and are planned to be underway in the next three years. 

New businesses 
Greg has supported licenses for numerous new businesses such as LaRosa's, Monas Kitchen, Panchos Cantina Restaurant, Casa Blanca Restaurant, Josies Bakery just to name a few. 

North Wilmington Train Station
Greg has called for changes in the MBTA's recent activity at our North Wilmington Station. Having a train stop across the middle of Rt. 62 is unacceptable and could be the difference of life or death if an emergency vehicle is stuck behind an idling train. Greg has met with State and Town officials along with the MBTA, Keolis and public safety officials to voice our residents concerns on this issue. 

Olin property
Greg is in favor of having the site cleaned up and opposed to New England Transrail coming to that site. Greg has lobbied our State and Federal delegation to fight against New England Transrail. Greg supported retaining special counsel to represent the Town on this important issue. 

Parks & Recreation
Greg voted for the creation of Town pickle ball courts behind Town Hall. Greg was a strong supporter of the creation of the Yentile Park facility. Greg supported the creation of the Wilmington Dog park. Greg supported funding to have a temporary ice rink at Rotary park this past winter and Greg supports the idea of acquiring out own ice rink. Wilmington is a huge hockey community and our children need more access to ice time. Greg has also supported lighting improvements at the Glen Road field to help out our Pop Warner program and other youth sports. Greg has advocated for having AED's located at each of our major parks in town. 

Police & Fire Departments
Greg has supported funding our Police & Fire Departments each of the three years on the board. The fine men and women of the Wilmington Police & Fire Departments are regarded as one of the finest departments around and they help keep us safe everyday. Greg supports increased staffing to help decrease the current overtime budget and keep our public safety officials safe. Greg supported the hiring of a Substance Abuse Coordinator for the Town to help combat the opioid crisis and help residents deal with mental health issues. 

Wilmington has an increasing population of senior citizens. These residents are the reason that Wilmington is what is today. It is important that we do our best to make sure they can remain here in Wilmington where they belong. Greg believes we need to diversify our housing market and find affordable options for our seniors. Greg has pushed to secure funding to make improvements at the Senior Center including renovations in the kitchen and increased handicap accessibility. Greg volunteered for the Wilmington Housing Authority from 2011-2015 to oversee the State's affordable housing units in Wilmington, most of which are located at Demming Way. 

Silver Lake Beach
Greg voted to make sure that all Wilmington residents will continue to enjoy the beach for free.

Substance abuse
Greg pushed for and supported the hiring of a Substance Abuse Coordinator for the Town. Since the position was created Samantha Reif has worked with and helped families dealing with addiction and mental health issues.

 Town Council
Greg voted for the hiring of KP Law as our Town Council after our previous town council disbanded. KP Law is regarded as one of the premier law firms in all of Massachusetts. 

Trash & Recycling
Greg voted against an increase in the cost of services from Russell Disposal.  

For three straight years Greg voted for the maximum shift of the tax burden to the commercial and away from the residents of the town. Greg encourages the Town Manger to continue with a conservative approach to budgeting and to seek out grants when possible. 

In 2018 Greg voted for a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) agreement between Analog Devices and the Town of Wilmington.  This will result in Analog moving their global headquarters to Wilmington, job creation and generating more commercial tax revenue for the Town moving forward. 

Town Manager
Greg voted for a new conservative contract for our current Town Manager Jeff Hull. The contract now includes a new evaluation system. 

Unaccepted ways
Greg has pushed for the creation of an application for residents to be able to have their road accepted. Our DPW does a great job of maintaining our roads and sidewalks but some of our roads are in desperate need of repair. 

Greg has always supported our Veterans. Greg works closely with the Town's Veteran Agent to help Veterans wherever he can. Greg voted to make Wilmington a Purple Heart Community. Greg volunteered and gave an opening address at the moving wall in the summer of 2018.  Greg volunteered for the Local heroes organization for several years. 

Greg voted for a new ten year contract with the local cable access television station. WCTV is crucial to maintaining a high level of transparency for our local government. 

Please consider voting for Gregory Bendel for one of your two choices for a three year term on the Wilmington Board of Selectmen. The Town Election is Saturday, April 27th 2019. Polls are open from 8:00am to 8:00pm. 

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